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One of the best things a person can experience in their life is having a strong relationship with their parents throughout the course of their life. If you are a father unmarried to your child’s mother or don’t live in the same residence as them due to divorce, it can be hard to build a relationship with your child and you may experience legal issues along the way.

Florida’s family law states that if an unmarried couple has a child, the mother will be given full rights and responsibilities over the child. The father can only be given such rights and responsibilities through court action to establish their paternity.

Both parents can file for a child’s paternity. If a father wishes to be recognized legally for being the biological father of his child, he can undergo a paternity test to establish his paternity. If recognized, he can speak to the mother in court regarding the means he can support their child. Mothers often aim to ensure that their child has enough funding and support and have a father figure in their life when they file for their child’s paternity.

If you are a father who wishes to establish parental rights over their children, you can contact us at Trinity Family Law. Our Bushnell father’s rights legal team can help you understand the current state laws on father’s rights and help you with the steps necessary to establish your paternity. We will handle your case with great care and help you build a case to meet your goals, whether it is to have a time-sharing agreement with the mother of your child or to sort out support obligations. It is our goal to help you build a relationship with your child and have it recognized by the court.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

Under Florida’s state law, an unmarried father has no legal rights to a child unless they are able to establish their paternity.

There are several procedures that can be undertaken by a father to have their rights recognized and build a legal relationship with their child. They must show that they have the capacity to support their children financially and emotionally. They must also show that they are ready for the responsibility that involves being a parent.

However, paternity or the legal aspect of being recognized as the father of the child must be established before any talks regarding child custody or support can start. A paternity test is often used to determine a child’s paternity and have it recognized by the court. This test is also used if a child’s paternity is questioned.

It is important to note that paternity does not guarantee that the father will get all the rights a married parent has regarding their children. You will need to show that you have the means to support them, and you are ready to take on the responsibility of helping your child be the best that they can be. If you are able to fulfill all these requirements, you can enjoy your new familial relationship with your child and speak to the child’s mother in court regarding time-sharing and custody agreements.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

The law doesn’t forbid any unmarried couple from creating an informal agreement regarding the father’s rights to be with their children. It is a common arrangement between dating couples and unmarried couples, and it is often recognized by both parties.

However, this arrangement does have its setbacks because the mother can easily sever ties and communication between the father and the child without giving any reason. They can also do it without legal penalties or contradiction. The law is also behind them on this matter, and the unmarried father does not have any rights to the child.

Establishing your paternity is legal for a child if you live in the state of Florida. Trinity Family Law can help you with this endeavor and secure your father’s rights. We will do our best to help you achieve a good relationship with your child and have it recognized by the court.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Divorced fathers can also find it hard to develop a good relationship with their children. However, unlike unmarried fathers who only have a few options available for them to pursue paternity rights, divorced fathers have more options to consider, and they don’t need to undergo a paternity test to prove their relationship with the child.

Every child must be able to build a strong bond with their fathers because it can help with their mental and emotional development. However, if their parents divorce, children will become vulnerable and insecure over the idea that they will not have a father they can trust to help them grow.

Our Bushnell father’s rights lawyers know how important it is for children to grow with their fathers. At Trinity Family Law, we will do our best to help protect your father’s rights even if you are divorced from your ex-spouse. We will help you create a fair time-sharing and custody agreement that will help your child’s development.

Contesting Established Paternity

Our Bushnell, FL family law firm can also assist you if you want to establish paternity. There are cases wherein a child’s parentage is unknown or questionable, which is why some fathers wish to verify if they are the true parent of a child they have been taking care of all their life if an issue does occur. Trinity Family Law can help you start the process and get the courts involved.

If the father is unmarried, they can easily reject a claim that they are the father of a child by undergoing a court-ordered paternity test. These tests are 100% accurate and cannot be questioned by the other party.

For fathers who have been parenting a child for a while but now have concerns over the child’s paternity, they may need to undergo a longer legal battle. In some cases, the child tends to be the most affected, especially if the paternity test shows they have no genetic relationship to the person they saw as their father all this time. During these instances, we can create a plan that will still help the child have a father figure and maintain a working legal relationship with their father figure.

Trinity Family Law can help you with your father’s rights case no matter how complex the case is. Whether you wish to get your paternity recognized or strengthen your relationship with your child, we are the lawyers you can count on.

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Our Bushnell father’s rights team at Trinity Family Law understands how difficult it is for fathers to fight for their parental rights. With our assistance, you can be assured that we will do our best to ensure that your parental rights are recognized and you have access to your children to build your relationship with them. Call us today to find out more about our legal services and how they can help you.

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