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Family cases are often very difficult to get through because of how personal it is to our lives. It changes one’s family dynamic forever, and for children, it can be a very traumatizing experience.

Considering how complex family cases are, Trinity Family Law’s team of Elfers family lawyers are committed to helping you make informed legal decisions that will make the cases easier to handle. We can help you with custody agreements, asset division, spousal support, and even getting domestic abuse convictions. We will stand as your staunch defenders in court and fight for the best possible result for your cases.

It is Trinity Family Law’s goal to provide each client we assist with personalized legal support. We will handle your case with compassion and care, giving you all the resources and legal advice you need. Rest assured that you can trust Trinity Family Law for any family law issue you may have, no matter how severe they may be.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Trinity Family Law is your trusted Elfers, FL family law firm whenever you find yourself facing legal issues involving family law. We aim to always deliver personalized legal services to match your legal situation and do our best to achieve the results you aim for.

Divorce Attorney: A divorce case involves several other legal issues that must be resolved carefully in order to prevent possible mishaps. From alimony or spousal support to child custody arrangements, you must have a divorce lawyer who can handle all these legal matters. We will be with you throughout the legal cases and as you try to live your post-divorce life.

Property & Asset Division: In divorce cases, properties and assets must be distributed to their rightful owners. As your divorce lawyers, we can help you identify which properties or assets to consider and which ones can be used as a bargaining chip to reach a fair asset division agreement.

Child Custody Lawyer: Child custody cases are tricky to work with, especially if the children in question are minors. As your family lawyers, we can work with your ex-spouse and the court to create a child custody agreement that each party can agree on.

We can also represent you during any modification of the agreement, as well as enforcing the ruling.

We know that your child’s rights must be protected, and we will do our best to ensure that they get to live their lives as normally as possible.

Child Support Attorney: During child custody cases, child support is also negotiated so that the parents can still strengthen their ties with their children despite being separated from them. In most child support cases, one parent provides financial support while the other provides day-to-day needs and handles the upbringing tasks. You can seek the assistance of one of our child support attorneys to help you negotiate a working child support agreement with your ex-spouse for your children’s needs, whether it is time-sharing agreements or modifying it to match your child’s needs. We can also stand on your behalf to help with enforcing the court ruling.

Spousal Support: If your marital case ends up with an alimony resolution, we can help you during the court hearing. We can help you compute the right amount to settle with for alimony, as well as argue against the responsibility of paying the alimony without due cause.

Father’s Rights Lawyer: Unmarried fathers in the state of Florida have limited legal avenues to explore for buildinga strong relationship with their children.

Mothers are immediately granted custody if they are not married to their child’s fathers.

When you reach out to us for legal support and guidance, we will see which legal avenue we can use to establish your paternity for your child and fix any child support arrangement to help with their development.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is a very sensitive case because of its severity and the people involved in the case. Only experienced Elfers family lawyers like us at Trinity Family Law can provide you with the legal support you need to handle this complex case. We will work with law enforcement agencies to protect you and your family from your abusive family members and prevent them from terrorizing you even further. We will also do our best to get the courts to convict these abusers and get you the support you need to get past this experience.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

Whenever you need advice regarding state and federal family law or legal services to defend you during family cases, you can trust our Elfers family lawyers at Trinity Family Law to help you out. We will take our time to learn everything about your needs, build the right legal strategy to protect your rights and that of your family, and negotiate on your behalf in court. Rest assured that your case will be handled with care, and our services will be personalized to suit your case.

Call Trinity Family Law at (727) 334-8852 for your Free Consultation with a Elfers Family Lawyer!