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Trilby Divorce Lawyer

They say that marriage is a decision of a lifetime for any couple to take. It is the beginning of a new journey, and for some, it is their lifelong dream. However, there are cases where marriages break down, and couples lose the spark that led them to marriage. Once it happens, they will go through the exhausting legal process of divorce to make sure their separation is legally binding and recognized.

Divorce involves a lot of legal issues that must be resolved, such as child support or custody, property distribution, and alimony. Each issue can prolong the proceedings, and if you do not get legal assistance to resolve them, it can be hard to make the right decisions that will affect your post-divorce life.

Trinity Family Law understands how difficult divorce is, and our Trilby divorce lawyers will help you get through this difficult time with our legal support and assistance. We will help you prepare your legal strategy and negotiate on your behalf to protect your relationship with your children and get the properties that you want to keep. We are also here to make the process less stressful and help you plan ahead once the case is complete. Call Trinity Family Law today to find out more about our services and let us help you during this challenging time for your family.

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Dedicated Divorce Support

Trinity Family Law is a trusted Trilby, FL family law firm that you can trust during this very difficult time in your family’s life.

Divorce can get very hostile, especially when the children and properties come into play. Without legal assistance, it is possible that you may make decisions that will set you back and prolong the entire legal battle.

With us in your team, we will handle your case carefully so that you don’t stress out and make the best legal decisions you can make as the negotiations take place. We are here to be your legal representative and provide you with sound legal advice that you can use in deciding how your post-divorce life will be once the proceedings are complete.

Child Custody & Child Support
For divorce cases that involve children, there is a need to get a Trilby divorce lawyer who can handle the case with compassion.

Your children’s lives will be changed forever once the divorce proceedings take place. However, divorce may be the best for them if their days are often about witnessing their parents fighting constantly, and they get abused emotionally because their parents can’t resolve issues between themselves. Under Florida state law, divorced parents can still build strong familial ties with their children and support them through financial and holistic means.

Our team of divorce lawyers can explain to you how child custody and support is considered by the courts and help you get the right child support you and your child needs. We can also fight for your right to have time to be a parent to your children if the other party doesn’t wish to agree to a time-sharing agreement.

We believe that every parent, even if they will be separated from their children, deserve to maintain a good relationship with their children so that they grow as balanced individuals despite their family’s situation. Our goal is to help you get the best legal assistance to ensure that you and your child get the legal support you need during this time.

Alimony & Spousal Support
Some divorce cases involve drastic changes in the divorcees’ lives, especially after the divorce. Divorcees, where one party has more income than the other, may be granted spousal support by the courts.

During discussions for spousal support or alimony, the court will review each party’s financial future, eligibility for support, or legal responsibility to pay spousal support. We can assist you during these discussions and resolve the issues that may occur. We can also protect your rights, especially if you are being forced by the other party to pay unnecessary and unwarranted alimony or spousal support. If you are the one who deserves spousal support, we will fight for your rights.

With our Trilby divorce lawyers on the case, we guarantee that we will fight for your interests during your divorce proceedings. We want you to have a better future after these proceedings, which is why we will do our best to get the best possible resolution for your case.

Asset & Property Division
Asset and property division entails the distribution of the couple’s assets and properties such as their houses, vehicles, businesses, finances, and other properties with high monetary value.

This part of the divorce proceedings can be draining because of the sentimental value of certain properties, as well as the constant arguments when it comes to the monetary settlement each party will receive once all the assets are distributed.

We have a team of asset division experts who can help you assess your shared property, list down all the properties you want to get, know which properties your spouse might be interested in, and identify which properties can be used as a bargaining chip while negotiating with your spouse.

Distribution of certain items such as inheritance, properties before marriage, and gifts are easy to resolve because they can go to their respective owners. However, money and business assets will be a difficult legal battle. We can assist you in negotiating for the assets you are interested in and make the deals that will protect your interests.

Business Owner, High-Value, or High-Profile Divorce
Divorce is a complicated legal battle on its own, but it can become tougher once businesses and high-value properties that must be distributed to the right person come into play.

Divorce cases and planning our legal action based on the results you want us to fight for.

Whether you want us to protect your reputation or your assets and properties. We can help any high-profile client, whether you are a business owner or a celebrity. We are here to assist you in any way we can through legal channels and ensure that your interests are protected in every step of the case.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

If you are considering divorce, make sure that you have the right legal team to assist you during the process and fight for your rights in court. With one of our Trilby divorce lawyers beside you during this time, you will get the best legal assistance for your case and the knowledge you need to understand the legal process and help you plan out your next step.

Our lawyers will handle your case with care, and we can even help you plan your post-divorce life once the case is resolved. We are always ready to help you no matter how serious your family situation is and give you quality and compassionate assistance you won’t find anywhere else.

Call Trinity Family Law at (727) 334-8852 for your Free Consultation with a Trilby Divorce Lawyer!