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Crystal Springs Child Support Attorney

Every child is protected by the law and must be given the love and support they need to grow as well-rounded individuals. They have the right to basic necessities like food, education, home, and clothing. It is the parents’ job to give these to their children.

Under Florida state law, both parents are responsible for providing the basic necessities to their children. However, it doesn’t mean that they should be both financial providers. One can take care of the financial aspect, while the other provides the daily care and upbringing of the child.

If the parents are separated or to separate, the court decides who will provide financial support to the child and how the parents can spend time with their children despite their current arrangement. Several factors are taken into account, such as the parents’ income, current custody arrangements, and the child’s needs.

Trinity Family Law can guide you through the court case that will determine the child support arrangement for your child. Our Crystal Springs child support team will explain to you the entire process and help you establish a working financial arrangement between you and the other parent for the benefit of your children. You can also count on us to represent you in court regarding your parental responsibilities and get the best arrangement that works with your current income. We are always here to help you during this time.

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Child Support Calculation

Child support cases in Crystal Springs do not just focus on the financial responsibilities of each parent. However, there are cases where one parent will have to provide more funds so the other parent could support their child’s well-being.

Usually, the parent who has the official physical custody of the child is the one who will receive the child support funds. The reason for this arrangement is due to the understanding that the parent is already providing for the child every day. But there are times when the arrangement is changed if, for instance, the custodial parent has a larger income than the other parent.

Trinity Family Law is ready to take on your child support case regardless of your situation and create the appropriate legal steps you should take to get the best result possible.

Florida’s state law considers the following when it comes to child support arrangements:

1. The number of children qualified for child support
2. Important expenses, such as educational expenses and health coverage
3. Physical time spent with the child by each parent
4. The income of each parent
5. Other sources for monetary support, for example, social security, investments, etc.
6. Amount of spousal support received, if any.

During child support cases, time-sharing agreements between parents are considered to allow both parents to build a strong relationship with their children. This is then paired with the financial support necessary to provide each child with their basic and holistic needs. At Trinity Family Law, we will take our time and use our expertise to guarantee that both parents have their fair share of responsibilities to ensure that their children will be taken care of even if they are separated.

You can also count on us to help you with enforcing the child support ruling or settling your obligations if you are the one who has to fulfill parental obligations. We are here to help you in every step of the way to achieve the best resolution to your current situation.

Child Support Enforcement

When a parent does not cooperate with the child support agreement or needs an extension, it is crucial to get assistance to get the child support agreement followed by another party.

Usually, child support obligations are given to a parent until the child is 18 years old. However, if the child in question has special needs, such as medical ones, child support obligations will be continued beyond the age of 18.

If a parent fails to meet their obligations or the amount identified is not enough for the child’s needs, our Crystal Springs child support team is ready to assist. We can look into the situation, find out why the other party is not sending the right child support or does not follow the ruling at all, and get the courts to enforce the ruling. We will dedicate our time and resources to giving your child the support they need to grow and live a normal life.

Child Support Modification

There will be instances where it is needed to modify the child support agreement to match key changes in your child’s life or that of the parents. Either parent can modify the arrangement or seek the assistance of a legal team who can check the situation on their behalf.

Some of the factors that can warrant the modification of child support include job loss of the parent, job promotion, address relocation, discovery of a medical condition, and a big change in the child’s lifestyle. Trinity Family Law‘s child support team will work with the Crystal Springs Child Support and Social Service Office to ensure that the child support cases we handle are given priority and handled carefully.

We are always ready to assist you in the legal aspect of getting the child support modified accordingly. We will also provide you with all the information you need to understand how the modification works and what factors are considered to make it fair for all the parties involved.

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As a good parent, it is important that you give your children the financial support they need to grow as well-rounded individuals. From food, shelter, education to health care, it is crucial that the amount is enough as the children grow and pursue their life goals. Being able to support your children in their endeavors will help strengthen your relationship with them, and they will feel that you care for them, both emotionally and financially.

If you are looking for a Crystal Springs, FL family law firm that can help you build an ideal child support arrangement, don’t hesitate to call us at Trinity Family Law. From computing the child support amount, modifying the support amount, to enforcing the support obligations on an uncooperative parent, we know how to tackle it best.

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