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Crystal Springs Child Custody Attorney

If you are separating from your spouse and you wish to protect your child’s well-being, you will undergo additional legal procedures to determine who gets to have child custody and decide on key issues that will affect your child’s growth and development. During this time, it is essential that you partner with a trustworthy and compassionate Crystal Springs child custody team who can guide you through this process and get the best result for your child’s future.

Trinity Family Law is a trusted family law firm dedicated to helping parents maintain their relationship with their children and assure that their child’s needs are met even if they will not be with both their parents in one home. We will provide you with all the legal support you need to get the child custody ruling enforced if there is a party who is not cooperating with the ruling. Our lawyers can handle any type of child custody cases, as well as connected issues, even if you are already in ongoing legal proceedings for divorce.

We understand how difficult it is for everyone, especially children, to handle this legal battle. It is our goal to make the legal process stress-free and help families get an ideal child custody agreement that all parties can agree with. Our legal team has the expertise and resources ready to mobilize whenever you need it.

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Crystal Springs Child Custody

Florida state law has two main categories for child custody: time-sharing and parental responsibility.

Parental responsibility details the rights and responsibilities of parents to help with their child’s development. The parent with the most parental responsibility will be the one to make major decisions for the child, such as school and residence. This parent will also decide on the child’s religion, medical needs, and other major issues that will affect the child’s life. Meanwhile, time-sharing involves how much of the child’s time is distributed between each parent.

Time-sharing and parental responsibility can be shared by both parents, or only one will be permitted by the court. If you wish to fight for sole custody or want to make the process stress-free for everyone, you can trust Trinity Family Law to make it happen.

Determining Child Custody

Every Florida court, Crystal Springs courts included, consider a lot of factors to determine who gets child custody.

Factors such as irresponsibility, the other party’s potential to cause harm, or their incapacity to provide for the children are greatly considered for custody cases. Custody rights can even be withheld if a parent has a history of substance or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and other similar offenses that may pose a great risk to the child if they are given custody.

Since every child custody case is different, our Crystal Springs child custody team aims to assist you in creating an ideal custody agreement that will help your child grow without worries. While we cannot guarantee that you will get the specific result you want us to fight for, our team will do our hardest to achieve the best result for you and your child with the most ideal custody agreement.

Trinity Family Law will make sure that your child will have a great upbringing despite their family situation. We will also fight your case in court and make the best arguments in court to favor your stance and your child’s needs.

Custody Modification & Enforcement

Even if the court decides who gets custody, there are still scenarios where there is a need to modify the court order. Some of these scenarios include loss of income, relocation, and even the child’s growth. These situations can greatly impact the current child custody arrangement, and the courts must be notified about it.

Our Crystal Springs child custody team at Trinity Family Law is ready to assist in handling any modifications necessary for child custody. We will check your current situation and help create a new child custody plan that the court can approve. We will also represent you during the court hearings that will discuss if the request should be approved. It is our goal that you don’t experience any difficulties following the court’s ruling on child custody modification, which can affect your child’s quality of life.

If the child custody ruling is not followed, let us know. We can speak to the court and enforcers to get the ruling followed by the other party. We can also assist you in getting child support funding if it was sent late, not sent at all, or sent in the wrong amount. Rest assured, we will do our best to help you sustain your child’s well-being.

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Our Crystal Springs, FL family law firm believes that separated parents should still have a chance to build a bond with their children. These children’s legal rights should also be protected and guaranteed with a chance to live life as normally as possible.

Trinity Family Law is here to apply our expertise and experience to help you during your legal battle, whether divorce, child custody, or paternity proceedings. Call us today to get the legal advice you need!

Call Trinity Family Law at (727) 334-8852 for your Free Consultation with a Crystal Springs Child Custody lawyer!